Monday, August 22, 2016

Pellet gun shootings from building at Columbia and Irving?

This is crazy: a resident emailed me asking if anyone else had heard about shootings from a pellet gun from the three-story building on the northeast corner of 14th and Columbia Irving.
My husband and I were walking past that building Friday evening when my husband was hit in the side. It came from a dark window, partially open on the bottom floor -- the second set of windows from the right. No police around (they seemed to have been chasing someone else down near Harvard Street at the time), so we didn't report it.

Then this morning (Saturday), I got hit -- same thing, same window. Plenty of people around, but neither time did I see anyone else get hit. I went looking for a policeman, but there were none to be found, so I didn't report it.

Just wondering if you've heard or seen anything else about this. The pellets don't hurt, but the person could hit someone in the eye or hit a child.
A crazy and scary situation. I hadn't heard of anything similar but figured I'd post it here in case someone else had. I also advised the reader to report this to the police, which they agreed to do.

At any neighborhood meeting, the police have always strongly recommended that people call the police if an incident occurs -- even if you don't think the police will catch the person or it's a minor incident. Each report that the police get will help them find patterns and changes which they can use to send police officers to trouble spots or change their strategy.

If people don't report a crime, the police won't know it exists -- again, even if you don't think they'll be able to catch the person, they'll know more about it if it happens again.

Pretty scary situation though, and dangerous (and very stupid by whoever is doing the shooting.) Has anyone else heard about this or experienced it? If so, please call the police immediately.

UPDATE: I messed up the location, it's the NE corner of 14th and Columbia as noted above now.


  1. Yes! I was hit as well on Saturday afternoon walking to U street. I thought I was going crazy. I was hit on my right thigh.

  2. Sorry to hear that! I'd also strongly recommend you call the police, even if it's been a few days. The more reports they get, the more they'll be able to respond.


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