Monday, August 22, 2016

New bike route signs on Park Road for Howard, Columbia Heights

The other day I was walking down Park Road NW near Georgia Ave. and spotted some apparently brand new bike route signs -- city specified routes to different places in the city. These ones appear to be new, they aren't on the city's maps  (we are tile 17) or in its downloadable bike data.

I've seen others around the area that give the distances to places like Brookland, Takoma and Mt. Rainier, Maryland.

I can't find anything official about the routes, but folks online suggest they are good routes for biking: not much traffic, lower speed, not as many lights, and things like that.

Any favorite rides in the area you'd recommend? I keep wanting to ride my bike up to Denizens Brewing in Silver Spring.


  1. Before Denizens, there are a bunch of other breweries I'd bike to. I've biked to Atlas, DC Brau, 3 Stars, Right Proper, Hellbender, and (my favorite in DC) The Public Option. Old Ox is almost exactly a metric century round trip from Columbia Heights, and on the way you can stop at Caboose and one other I've forgotten the name of, all visible from the W&OD. Port City is also a really nice ride, and Franklins (MD) is a sort of okay ride but nice to visit.


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