Monday, August 8, 2016

Neighborhood bar Union Drinkery coming soon from A&D folks at 3216 Georgia

UPDATE: I posted the wrong building and wrong address, I thought the entire black building was Small Fry. It's actually the building above, not the one below. Original post below.

A while ago, I wrote that there was a new bar coming to Georgia Ave, Union Drinkery to be located next to Small Fry, the tasty barbecue and sandwich spot (Small Fry is the black building above.)

The other day I saw some work going on in the space and I reached out to the owner, Ali Bagheri, who also runs the chill A&D bar on 6th Street in Shaw. He said they won't have any particular theme, just a "neighborhood joint" similar to A&D. They'll also offer the full menu from Small Fry next door. They're hoping to open soon but didn't have a definitive timeline yet.

I'm a big fan of A&D, so this is a welcome development.

Nice to see that the central area of Georgia is growing rapidly -- I'm also a fan of Small Fry, Colony Club and Heat da Spot, one of my favorite coffee shops. And there's the in-progress Midlands beer garden from the Kangaroo Boxing Club folks and the now-open Tchoup's Market, the replacement for Alfie's.

Note: this is NOT where Union Drinkery is going. I posted this photo originally. It's the black building to the left.


  1. Another bar? Cause there's no "neighborhood" bars within a couple blocks of this place.

  2. This is great news. Anything to get more foot traffic going on and it isn't another convenience store.


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