Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Marshall's selling $8 RGIII Redskins jerseys, other players at a discount too

If you like the Redskins, or are an ironic person, get yourself to Marshall's in DCUSA: there's a whole rack of Robert Griffin III jerseys for $8 (or $10 for XL and above) -- presumably ones that didn't sell after RGIII went to the Browns.

They're actual, name brand jerseys too, not t-shirts, and when I was there they had white, red and the alternative maroon jerseys.

They also have some other players like Pierre Garcon, but those are more expensive, around $40 -- which is still a lot cheaper than regular prices. The rack had "shirseys", the t-shirts that look like jerseys, and other related Redskins paraphernalia as well. 

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