Monday, August 15, 2016

Giant now selling bags of stray beers

Well, this is interesting. The other day I was at the Giant on Park Road and noticed this in the beer aisle: bags of random beers. I know some places will do a make-your-own-six pack thing, and sometimes you can get awesome beers with it, but this is sort of a premade version, and the beers are mostly macrobrews like Bud and such with a few others like Kirin Ichiban and Heineken tossed in.

Might be a good option if you're having a party and want some variety. There wasn't a price I could see, but presumably it's not too expensive. Now if only they had a proper make-your-own-six pack.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh the Manager's Special!! I've been seeing this over the last few years, it was about 6.99 per bag, but I think they raised it a dollar or two. I thought you could make your own if you go down toward the end near the checkout aisles, but I could be wrong.