Monday, August 8, 2016

Georgia Avenue Thrive neighborhood meeting today at Colony Club, 7-8:30: beautification, murals, local business support, more

Georgia Avenue Thrive, the local non-profit that does a lot work on and around Georgia Avenue, is hosting their monthly meeting today at Colony Club, the coffee shop at 3118 Georgia. There's a lot on the agenda, come learn what's new, how you can help, and how you can make your voice heard!

AGENDA - Monday, August 8, 7-8:30PM
1) Introductions
2) Placemaking Committee Update 
         * Movie night report back 
         * Fall Fest planning and volunteering
         * Neighborhood Mapping (tentative)
3) Beautification Committee Update
         * Murals 
         * Fireboxes
         * Next street clean-up
4) Local Biz Support Committee Update
         * Air BnB community engagement 
         * SB Works grants 
         * Main Streets update 
         * GACDTF Community Review Report Back
5) Police/Public Safety 
         * Referrals to other public safety groups: ANC 1a Public Safety Committee, 3D Citizen Advisory Council, PSA 302/304 monthly meetings, PSA 302/409 Border Quarterly meetings
6) Communications Committee Update
         * Online outreach
         * Offline outreach  
7) Announcements
         * Block Parties
         * Other?

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