Friday, August 5, 2016

Georgia Ave. Community Review this Saturday: make your voice heard on local issues

Tomorrow is the Lower Georgia Avenue Community Review, a community meeting bringing together DC Council members, local organizations and neighbors. It sounds like a great event, with topics about Howard U.'s development, a coming Main Street organization for Georgia Avenue, and discussions about the Park Morton and Bruce Monroe plans.

Here's more from Sylvia Robinson of the Georgia Ave. Community Development Task Force.

The 4th Biennial Community Review of Lower Georgia Avenue is coming up tomorrow August 6th!  Join us at this public forum at the Howard University School of Architecture (6th and Howard Place NW)

WHAT: A gathering of Lower Georgia Avenue stakeholders in a full day forum to discuss three topics of interest to the community

WHEN: Saturday August 6, 2016 9:00am – 4:00pm

WHERE: The Howard University School of Architecture – 6th and Howard Place NW
  • Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street – What’s Your Vision?
What will it take for Georgia Avenue to thrive and for our business community to flourish?  We believe that the Main Street model is an ideal way to organize, promote, design and economically restructure our neighborhood.  This model, defined by the National Trust for Historic Preservation revitalizes downtown and neighborhood business districts by leveraging local assets - from historic, cultural, and architectural resources to local enterprises and community pride.  Councilmember Nadeau is working to secure funding for a new Main Street, and has already funded a new Clean Team for Georgia Avenue.  Once funding is secured, an organization will be selected through the RFP process to create a Main Street.  What is our vision for this new organization?  What are our priorities for revitalization? How can we encourage your participation in this organization?  This session will gather the community’s input on these questions.  Panelists: 
          Scott  Pomeroy—former  ED of 14th & U Main Street
          Janet Lugo—ED of Adams Morgan Main Street
          Leigh Catherine Miles—ED of new Tenleytown Main Street

  • Understanding the Planned Unit Development (PUD) process
Lower Georgia Avenue will undergo several major development projects in the next few years, with the Park Morton/Bruce Monroe New Communities project currently under review.  The Planned Unit Development is a tool by which developers can negotiate larger buildings with more density or different zoning in exchange for community benefits.  The public voice is a part of this process, but the complexities can sometimes overwhelm the average person.  The new zoning laws will have an impact on the process.  In this session you will learn about the PUD process and ways you can be involved. Facilitator:  Donna Hanousek, Office of Planning Senior Zoning Specialist

  • Howard University Development Projects
The Howard University Campus Plan was approved in 2012 with the help of the surrounding community. The plan calls for a number of projects, some of which are completed and some in the pipeline. Completed are two new dormitories, the student dining hall expansion, and a new Interdisciplinary Research Building. In the works are projects at Sherman and Barry, Meridian Hall, the Effingham and more. This presentation will give you a complete picture of Howard University’s plans for their properties and answer any questions you may have. Facilitator: Derrek Niec-Williams, Director - Campus Planning, Architecture & Development at Howard University
At the large group session starting at 2pm we will be joined by Councilmembers Grosso and Silverman for remarks, as well as Council Candidate Robert White.  We also hope to have a presentation from our youth from MOMIES TLC.   The event will be covered by the press.
Why do we host this event?
Equitable development in a community is not possible without the interests and involvement of all the stakeholders.  Bringing those interests to the conversations in a meaningful way can be difficult due to the complexities of the process and people’s busy schedules.  This event, held every two years, provides everyone an opportunity to take a deeper dive into some of the pressing community conversations.  It is our hope that you will gain information about upcoming changes to the neighborhood, and be empowered to participate in the process.  It is also an opportunity to meet your neighbors and hear their concerns and opinions on the community’s growth.  Finally, there is a free lunch which will feature many of the restaurants on Lower Georgia Avenue.

The event will begin at 9am with a continental breakfast provided in part by Uprising Muffins.  Small group session will run through the morning, then a free lunch will be provided by Torries Restaurant, Morgan’s Seafood, Salt & Pepper GrillSankofa CaféNu Vegan CaféYes OrganicDulcinea and more.  After lunch there will be a large group session to hear from special guests and debrief the morning sessions.

Event details, schedules, facilitators and FAQS are at
Can you volunteer?  We can still use help with outreach prior to the event and with tasks on the day of the event.  If you’re able to assist please call Sylvia at (202) 462-2285 or reply to this email.
Finally I would like to thank our donors:
  • Howard University
  • The Holladay Corporation
  • The Development Corporation of Columbia Heights
  • The Neighborhood Development Company
  • Ms. P. J. Green-Young
and also our partners:
  • The Georgia Avenue Business Alliance
  • Georgia Avenue Thrive
  • Pleasant Plains Civic Association
  • The Emergence Community Arts Collective

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