Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cool DC shirt and hat designs from Bailiwick: 51st State, 202, DC highway sign, more

This is not Columbia Heights specific but still pretty rad: the other day I was walking around 14th Street near Logan Hardware and saw a few booths set up with various vendors. One of them caught my eye, Bailiwick, which sells DC-themed shirts, tank tops, hoodies and hats with cool designs: things like 51st State, the DC highway sign (like you'd see on DC-295), 202 in the style of the 100 emoji, and a lot more -- plus cool hats such as this one using the 90s-style script font.

And Bryce Harper wore one of their 202-themed shirts and the 51st State shirt at press conferences earlier in the year -- pretty awesome.

They have both mens and women sizes are the shirts were super soft -- I got the circular "The District" logo, but could have bought basically everything he had -- and there's more on the website.

The company was founded by J.C. Smith and his brother Jeff, who moved to the DC area about a decade ago, and they design and make the shirts in the District. The Washington Business Journal has a great article about J.C., as does DCist; he was manning the stand when I was shopping.

They make a lot of really cool stuff, check them out.

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