Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Alex McCoy, Alfie's and Tchoup's owner, to open British sandwich shop on Upshur (and Tchoup's opens Aug. 4)

More stuff coming to Upshur Street! Celebrity chef Alex McCoy is opening an "old world sandwich shop and market" at 845 Upshur, according to the Washingtonian. The final-name-pending spot will have British style sandwiches, like salt beef (a lot like corned beef), tuna and chicken salad, and other items, all served to-go.

The peregrinations of McCoy take some time to follow -- he opened Duke's Grocery, a British spot in Dupont a while ago, then opened Alfie's, the Thai spot at 3301 Georgia, as a pop-up -- maybe to stay put, or maybe to move to a space he owned at 845 Upshur Street, the old China America Inn next to Willow.

Then McCoy and team decided the Upshur space's kitchen wasn't big enough, so Alfie's is moving to a location to be determined downtown. And Alfie's will change over to Tchoup's Market, a New Orleans po-boy spot going for more of a bar vibe. 

And now we know more: Tchoup's opens August 4th while the British sandwich spot is aimed at the next few months.

Sounds good to me!


  1. Disappointing. I think McCoy (and other restaurant owners) have decided that Petworth can't support an "adult" restaurant with higher price points and table service. Instead we get more take out.

  2. If they serve good bagels (at the Upshur location), I'm in 1000%.

  3. It had nothing to do with price point.... The Upshur St location is very small so (as I understand it) they couldn't really install a full kitchen. Hence, why they had to move Alfie's. I love this idea for a sanwshich shoppe. Most everyone I've talked to is just as excited. Duke's Grocery is phenomenal. The closer it is to Duke's the better. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  4. Why can't owners concentrate on one place and do it right. It seems the moment they taste success they are opening new restaurants, concepts, pop ups, etc... all over town. As soon as you enjoy a place as a regular hangout it is having a new concept drawn in


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