Friday, July 29, 2016

Progress on the Midlands beer garden coming to Georgia Ave

Update: I emailed them and they sent out a message to their fundraiser supporters:
Hey Everyone! We apologize for the long silence, but we have been battling DCRA and just the other week received permission from the city to build out the inside. Right now Mike is working on his mural and the HVAC guys are about finished revamping the old system. Next week begins the meat of the work. Plumbing, electrical and the bar build. We'll start putting photos up on the Midlands Facebook page so you guys can see what we've been up to. We still don't have an opening date, but we hope to announce one soon Thank you again for your support and try to stay cool out there. It's hot! Andy Pants
Original post below:

The Midlands, the beer garden from the Kangaroo Boxing Club people at 3333 Georgia Avenue NW, looks like it's making some progress. There are new strings of lights, lots of furniture, and a new temporary sign with the address on it. Their website also is getting more on it, including a signup for information about their opening.

They had an Indiegogo fundraising campaign, with neat gifts like pint glasses that you get a discount with and also a carrying case for multiple glasses, and they raised almost $10,000.

The original plan was to be open in the spring, which has since passed. I'm excited for the spot. Here's their description from the website:
Trent Allen, Robin Webb and Peyton Sherwood from the Kangaroo Boxing Club have partnered together again for a new project opening this spring. “The Midlands” will be a restaurant with a large outdoor beer garden in the Park View neighborhood at
3333 Georgia Ave NW. 
Patrons will have draft selections of greater than 15 and less than 30 taps, wine of the fermented grape variety, featuring red, white and pink. The menu will feature hand-crafted, gourmet, chef-driven, small-batch sandwiches from the future, that are totally not pretentious.
You can see the lights below, and their plan at bottom:


  1. Are there any updates on a date or what's caused the delay? I contributed a couple hundred dollars to the Indiegogo campaign, but donors haven't heard anything for three months. Similar story on twitter and facebook.

    If they're having issues with permits or something else, they should at least let us know.

  2. In the interest of fairness, I'm back to say they sent an Indiegogo update just a couple hours after my comment above was posted. Whether that's a coincidence or not, it's must appreciated! I'm looking forward to the opening.

  3. Thanks for the response! I emailed them about it, so that might have inspired it. Good news!


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