Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Good news: city fixes dangerous median at Georgia and Park with signs, posts

The city to the rescue.

A couple of weeks ago during the big rainstorms, I saw two different cars get into accidents because of a poorly-marked median strip at Georgia and Newton: cars didn't see it so they crashed right into it, leading to one minivan having its airbag go off and another car with two flat tires. Folks hanging out said they had seen other accidents in previous years.

But now, the city has fixed the median strip, adding a big sign and a bunch of yellow plastic bollards. I had emailed Councilmember Nadeau and ANC commissioner Kent Boese about it, and they responded quickly and got in touch with DDOT and other agencies, who fixed it within the week.

Nice to see this, and goes to show that emailing your elected officials can help!

Here's another photo of the result, and the before photos.

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  1. Great job calling attention to this. It's somewhat frustrating that they city tends to put up reflector sticks as opposed to fixing the underlying problem (or just doing it right the first time). Guess it's a budgetary issue. They did the same thing with Grant Circle.


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