Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Timber Pizza Co. on Upshur opening in about three weeks

Last Sunday I stopped by Celebrate Petworth, that neighborhood's festival on Upshur Street, and it was a lot of fun. One thing I noticed was that Timber Pizza Co., the wood-fired pizza joint that's been a pop-up at the former Blind Dog Cafe and elsewhere around town, was almost finished 809 Upshur.

Timber had an oven on a truck outside their building and I talked briefly with some staff there and they said they hoped to open in about three weeks. Good news for pizza fans! Judging from their Instagram, it looks like pretty fantastic pizza.

They're a few doors down from Domku, which you may have heard is sadly closing after a massive rent hike.

Here's Timber's Facebook page and website.

Update: As a commenter pointed out, this building is owned by the same person who owns Domku (and aised their rent.)

Top photo from their Instagram, bottom by me.


  1. Crazy how all these other businesses can afford the rent, but Domku indignantly closed after they "created" the neighborhood. Very excited for Timber.

  2. Domku's landlord raised their rent by 66% link

  3. Right, but the 66% only brought it on the level of what tenants are currently paying. In fact, I heard it was a little less. Domku hasn't had a rent change in almost ten years. Stevie Wonder could have seen an increase coming. A more accessible and approachable cuisine will kill it there.

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