Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pizzeria Vetri now open at 14th and Florida

Pizza fans, here's a new option for you: Pizzeria Vetri from Philly restauranteur and James Beard Award winner Mark Vetri, now open at the southeast corner of 14th and Florida.

I stopped by their opening party a few days ago and enjoyed it -- it's a modern, smallish space but everything I tried was tasty: prosciutto pizza with tasty dough, and rotolos, amazing, doughy rolled up pizza with ricotta, mortadella ham and pistachio pesto, and miso and honey ice cream. The opening was mobbed, as you might expect, as Vetri is a well-known chef and it only seats 75. They also have a big beer list plus wine and cocktails.

Eater reports they serve both rectangular pizzas from Sicily called pizza al taglio and traditional Neapolitan-style pizza, and their menu also includes calzones, salads, appetizers and more.

Vetri sold his restaurants to Urban Outfitters last year and was helping out at the opening. I wonder if that means Urban Outfitters is also looking at our area? (I would be surprised, but hey.)

The location of the new building where Vetri is was formerly the Latino Auto Sales lot.

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