Thursday, June 9, 2016

Park Market at 13th and Park removes bulletproof glass

I love hearing about corner stores improving, and a reader just sent in a tip that the Park Market at 13th and Park has taken down their bulletproof glass and remodeled a little bit. I stopped by and it definitely looks nicer and more inviting, plus it seems like there's a bigger beer and wine selection now -- or maybe I just didn't notice before.

Always love to see this kind of thing. The best examples to me are 13th Street Market, which got a great beer selection and renovation, and also serves coffee (plus the lady there is super nice) and Lion's Liquors up on Georgia, which looks fantastic.


  1. Give the corner store on Sherman and Columbia some love. He renovated the place about 8 months ago and it looks great.

  2. 13th St Market kept the glass, though, right?


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