Friday, June 10, 2016

Indoor mushroom and microgreen farm coming to old Murry's building, launch party June 12

This is pretty cool. The old Murry's supermarket building at 3400 Georgia Avenue NW is being filled with The Perch, a mushroom and vegetable farm from the owners of Good Sense Farm and Apiary, who run a  mushroom and honey operation located in Maryland. 

The Post has the whole story -- Good Sense owner Zachari Curtis has wanted a farm people can visit, and will use the building for growing mushrooms and microgreens (baby greens) as well as mushroom growing classes and community events. They've already held a clothing swap there, and previously the building was used for the Georgia Avenue Winter Fest, a cool event organized by Georgia Avenue Thrive, so it's a good space for that kind of thing.  Murry's is also the building with the new Park View mural.

The Perch is going to be a pop-up for the near future, but it's great to see empty buildings used for other things. This building is owned by the Zuckerman family, who have done similar arrangements before (they're also the folks who didn't renew the lease for Petworth Liquors, instead bringing in a doggie daycare.) Walls of Books and the Midlands beer garden are similar in that the building they're in (or coming to, in the case of the Midlands) is slated for development in the future.

Here's their press release with more info for the launch party this Sunday, which will have DJs and more.

Dear Community,

Something BIG is happening...and it's you I have to thank.

An urban farm and community space is coming to Park View.   

We're launching The Perch on June 12th and you're invited. Get tickets here!

What is The Perch? We've always needed more space to grow and The Perch will be a growing space for our delicious local mushrooms, microgreens and more. For the time being we'll have a place on front street to show folks what farming in the city looks and feels like. We hope you'll be one of the many people we feed with our ultra local produce.

The Perch DC will also be a possibility and play space brought to you by you! There's room enough for community events, festivals, plays and popups. If you're a maker, an artist, teacher, a theater lover, we want to hear from you. You are one of the people who helped me navigate the legal, moral and political (yup) questions that have brought me to this point. I wanted to send a special word of thanks to you and invite you to imagine something that might benefit you or your community happening here.

Come to the Launch and imagine what you could do in it. 
Sliding Scale Tickets are here. 

Here's what's happened so far:

The Launch will be fun thanks to host, Curt Mariah, DJs XSA and WIILO, and a host of special guests, including you. See you on the 12th!

Zachari Curtis


  1. Looks interesting, looking forward to checking out.

    Unfortunately the Zuckerman family seems to have no desire to invest in anything long-term for any of their numerous GA holdings just pop up after pop up until they can sell out in a few years while they have brought several GA projects to a halt in the meantime. They claimed that the Murrys lot would be their first development but doesn't look so promising now.

  2. I see it the other way, they're choosing to do something good for the neighborhood in the meantime.


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