Monday, June 20, 2016

Here's all the new things opening soon: bars, mushrooms, Italian El Chucho, doggie day care, more

It seems like this has been a busy few months with new things opening or coming soon, so here's a rundown of everything that's new. It seems like Georgia and Upshur are both especially busy.

Little Coco's, the Italian outpost of El Chucho, is aiming at early to mid July at 14th and Quincy, where the old Rib Pit Lounge was located. It'll have the same idea as El Chucho, tasty and inexpensive drinks and food, plus some higher end things.

The Midlands, the beer garden from the Kangaroo Boxing Club, is also aiming for sometime this summer. They'll be located at 3333 Georgia in the shopping center with the post office and Walls of Books.

The Perch, a mushroom and micro green farm, is opening in the old Murry's building at 3400 Georgia Ave NW soon. They had a launch event the 12th so they'll be open anytime. They'll also have classes and community space.

Jimmy John's is now open on the Civic Plaza -- tasty sandwiches for all.

La Colombe and a bar from the Bedrock Billiards folks are coming at the 1300 block of Florida. La Colombe is opening by the end of June, but the bar we don't know much about yet.

Timber Pizza Co., a wood-fired pizza joint that was formerly a food truck, is opening in about two weeks at 809 Upshur.

Petworth Liquors at 3210 Georgia has closed, and will be replaced by District Dogs, a doggie daycare.

Alfie's at 3310 Georgia is now hosting Lucky Buns, a burger pop-up every Sunday.

Domku at 819 Upshur is closing sometime around the end of this month.

Slim's Diner from the Room 11 folks at Upshur and Georgia, is coming sometime -- they last said "a few weeks" about a week ago. Their date has moved a bit, which is quite common in DC.

Slim's also has an upstairs event space, Third Floor, which is open now.

Cappy's Crabs has opened as a pop-up in the Crane and Turtle space at 826 Upshur, and will be open all summer with crabs, orange crush (cocktails, not the soda), Natty Boh and the link.

Homestead Bar and Grill, a Southern bar and restaurant next to Qualia at 3911 Georgia, is opening Thursday.

Let me know if I missing anything!


  1. Odd Provisions is opening at the corner of 11th and Lamont (the former site of Arthur's Grocery) in late summer, early fall, according to the two owners, whom I met at Columbia Heights Day. They'll be selling groceries, sandwiches, and wine and beer — and they were handing out cards on which you can write requests for products. It was sad to see Arthur's go, but I'm happy that the space will soon be occupied again.

  2. Right! I was planning on doing a separate post about that, I chatted with them too. Sounds neat.

  3. What happened to the Jamaican place that was supposed to open at the former Getaway space?

  4. I haven't heard anything about it lately, and it looks like not much progress. Might be the usual construction/permit issues.

  5. what about hilltop?

  6. What's happening with the restaurant under construction at the southwest corner of
    8th and Upshur? (Ruta del Vino I think is the name.)


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