Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Alfie's to close, move downtown; TBD for what replaces it and takes their Upshur Street space

If you want to get some tasty Thai food and cocktails, you better make a reservation soon. The City Paper reports that Alfie's, the Thai popup from Food Network Star chef Alex McCoy, is closing at the end of July to move somewhere "more downtown."

The original plan was that Alfie's was a pop-up while McCoy and group worked to fix up 845 Upshur Street NW, and then Alfie's would move there (although they also said it might stay at its current location, the former Mothership space at 3301 Georgia, too.) But the CP reports that the kitchen at the Upshur location seems too small, so they'll move the concept somewhere else.

McCoy didn't say what will move into the Upshur location. He said he's not considering Lucky Buns, the burger pop-up that is inside Alfie's on Sundays, for the Petworth location and may move it downtown somewhere as well. He added that he was thinking of a neighborhood American concept for the Georgia Avenue space, with a burger. Although the CP article doesn't explicitly say he's not considering Lucky Buns for 3301 Georgia, so maybe that's a possibility.

It's too bad to lose Alfie's, the place has been going gangbusters with reservations needed a few weeks in advance, unless you wanted to dine at 11 pm. I've been in a few times late and just sat at the bar and had cocktails, which are fantastic -- using Thai ingredients and even some Thai spirits like Mekhong, which is sort of but not quite whiskey.

I hope they're successful elsewhere, and I hope something cool and successful comes to 3301 Georgia and 845 Upshur. Opening three restaurants seems like a lot for one person to take on, especially considering DC's painfully slow permitting and inspection process, so I wish them luck.

UPDATE: The Alfie's folks say they're happy to answer any questions on Twitter.

Photo from their Instagram


  1. Lord it's like Brexit. They don't like Parkview? Then bye Felicia. We will find somebody who loves us and partner with us thriving.

  2. Alex from AlfiesJune 28, 2016 at 2:25 PM

    @gtownuniversityJournalism Quite the opposite, actually. We love this neighborhood. Extended our lease and are staying longer. Our team, both FOH and BOH will be staying with the new concept and i can't tell you how excited we are for what we have planned to replace Alfie's and for what we have planned at Upshur. Alfie's was always planned to be a temporary popup and the choice to move downtown was only made because the facilities at Upshur are not adequate nor will we have the space to build a full kitchen. Our partnership has been active in the community & plans to continue to be. So, if you are looking for someone who loves Parkview and wants to partner with the community to keep the neighborhood thriving, you dont need to look much farther. We are already here and have been here. Looking forward to serving you! Alex from Alfie's

  3. Glad you are remaining in Park View and excited to see what will replace Alfie's. Have to say Alfie's will be missed especially given how successful it was in the neighborhood, hoping you choose the new concept wisely :)

  4. Man, I'd love something like Duke's Grocery on Upshur. Or maybe a Jewish or Mediterranean deli. Surprising more people aren't looking at upper 14th near Little Coco's & Red Derby. That place is the next Upshur St.

  5. Dukes Grocery or a concept similar would kill it on Upshur. Something with food made for fast casual (sandwiches, etc) is no where to be found in the neighborhood yet there are families everywhere.

  6. What a bummer. Alfie's was a great fit for the neighborhood. There's really not a lot of competition in Park View for that kind of restaurant.


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