Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thieves steal backpack with organ transplant medicine, book manuscript & more: have you seen it?

This is a sad story: DJ Jordan of At Home Catering on Georgia recently wrote to Sylvia Robinson of the Georgia Avenue Business Alliance asking for help with a backpack and cell phone that was recently stolen out of his truck. 

The black backpack contained a lot of important items like blueprints for his building, keys, family photos, a book he was writing, medical information and most importantly, organ transplant and pain medicine, as Jordan had previously received a transplant of a liver and two kidneys. The book contained research about the people who donated organs to Jordan, as well as those who received organ's from Jordan's brother.

He's asking for help, and has offered a reward. If you live in the area, pease keep a lookout. He thinks it might be in the trash. The truck was parked at Georgia and Harvard.

Here's more info from Jordan:
HELP!!!! HELP!!!! HELP!!!! I am a 20 year retired veteran and a triple organ transplant recipient (a liver and 2 kidneys). While I was parked and removing items from the back area of my moving truck parked at the corner of Georgia Avenue, NW, and Harvard Street, NW, someone went into the passenger cab of the my vehicle, an Isuzu Box Truck, and stole a BLACK BACK PACK AND A SAMSUNG 6 CELL PHONE. 
** REWARD** 
This happened in a matter of 10 seconds. The back pack contained EVERYTHING that is important to me, including my Organ Transplant medication, pain medication, a book that I am writing about my transplant experiences over the last two years (the name of the book is FINDING MY MIND), folders with Dr. Apple emblems on the front, keys to everything I own, critical medical information needed, family photos that cannot be replaced, and a host of other very important items. Although these items are not important for anyone else, they are a part of my life. My hope is that someone will take the valuables and discard the back pack as trash. If found, I beg of you, please call 202-680-4551. There is a REWARD for the return of the back pack and/or the cell phone. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 
My cell phone contained pictures from my transplants, pictures of my father who has passed on, and a host of other things that can never be replaced and is not useful to anyone else but me. 
If you have any information pertaining to this theft and it leads to the arrest and conviction of the thief, a larger reward will be given. This is separate of the *** REWARD*** above. 
I do know one thing, the devil still creates people who don't realize, nor do they care about how their actions affects other people lives. GOD loves you, too. And we are going to pray for all of you!!!!! 

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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