Thursday, May 12, 2016

Funny -- a neighborhood social network for dogs: Woofy

Do you have a dog? How good is he at using phone apps?

I'm being facetious -- the other day I walked by the 11th and Park Dog Park and saw this sign for a social networks for dogs (and their owners) called Woofy, where you can tell your dog's friends'  owners about things -- that you're going out to play, that there's some kind of danger or important dog-related thing, or where you are in case somebody else wants to join.

Kind of a funny idea, but I think it makes sense -- if I had a dog, or even if I didn't, I would get kind of annoyed if my friends with dogs kept texting or posting on Facebook that they were going out or there was a mean dog around, or whatever. 

What do you think, pet owners? Good idea?

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