Thursday, May 19, 2016

District Dogs doggie day care coming to old Petworth Liquors spot

Recently we heard that the frequently troubled Petworth Liquors had closed. Now we know what's replacing it: District Dogs, a doggy day care center.

A friend passed along ANC commissioner Rashida Brown's note about it on the Park View Beautification Facebook page:
Petworth Liquor closed about two weeks ago. The Zuckermans decided not to renew their lease. This was a result of the issues we've been experiencing along the corridor, particularly with public drinking. The Zuckeman's just signed a lease with District Dogs. They are going to run doggy day care.
Good news! Both for it getting replaced by something quickly, and for the owners (the Zuckermans) to not renew the lease due to Petworth Liquors' many issues. In the past, the store had been investigated for underage sales, loitering, public urination outside, selling to-go cups, violating operating hours and more.

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  1. Now that is a net gain by the community!! DD is great!


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