Wednesday, May 18, 2016

City posts punny dos-and-don'ts ads about marijuana laws on bus stops starring Mary Jane and Kush the dog

This isn't something I expected to see -- the city has posted some pun-filled ads talking about the dos and don'ts  city's newish marijuana laws on bus stops. For example, the ad titled the "Blunt Truth" and aims is to "weed out" the myths about marijuana laws in DC.

I spotted this one at the shelters at Georgia Avenue and New Hampshire, right outside the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro. The ads, starring Mary Jane, Reggie and Kush the dog, explain what you can do (use marijuana if you're over 21, possess two ounces, and so on) and what you can't do (sell it, use, give, or grow if you're under 21, and such.) I like the names for Mary Jane and Kush, though maybe I'm too square to get what Reggie is referencing.

The ad has the logo of the city's Department of Behavioral Health on it as well Twitter and Facebook links for Drug Free DC. I like it -- glad to city is doing this to make people (in this case, I assume young people) more aware of the laws.

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