Tuesday, May 17, 2016

11th Street NW named one of the country's best main streets

This is pretty neat: National Life, an insurance company that does a lot with main streets and small towns, recently wrote about 11th Street NW in Columbia Heights, highlighting it as a great example of main streets.

The blog cites the bars and restaurants, coffee shops, BloomBars, the Gala Theatre (on 14th, but close enough) and others on the street, as well as the New York Times article from a few years calling the street the "hip strip."

While not a huge publication, it's always nice to get recognition for our area. National Life has previously highlighted streets around the country.


  1. A great model for upper 14th St to follow while hopefully incorporating some of the excellent hole in the wall eateries. It's gonna happen - especially with all of the new condos, but the area needs to be better marketed. They also need one neighborhood restaurant that will act as a magnet for others to move in. Maybe it's Little Coco's, but how great would Red Hen, Crisp Kitchen + Bar or Boundary Stone be?

  2. Another Boundary Stone would be fantastic. I lived there for a year before moving to Park View.


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