Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wow: man breaks into Five Guys, cooks himself a burger then leaves

The Hambuglar is on the loose in Columbia Heights, and the police want your help catching him.

No, seriously. A man snuck into the Five Guys at 14th and Irving by following a delivery man and then hiding, then when the delivery guy left, he got himself a soda then got on the grill and cooked himself up a burger. Then he left. He didn't seem to take any money, and judging by the video released by MPD, he knew his way around the grill.

He also seems to be on the phone at one point. I imagine he's saying "Not much, bro. Just making a burger."

The burger in question appears to have been a double with cheese, and shockingly he did not cook up some fries too. It's unknown if he ate the free peanuts.

The incident happened on March 18 between 3:10 and 5:10am, but was just made public the other day.

Pretty amazing. You have to wonder what this guy was thinking -- was he just that hungry? Maybe drunk? Maybe he's a spy for another burger franchise? It doesn't seem like he made any effort to conceal his face from security cameras.

If you happen to know this burger bandit, please contact MPD at 202-727-9099. He's wanted for burglary. Hamburglary.

h/t Wash Biz

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