Friday, April 1, 2016

The House strip club filling remaining DCUSA Staples space on 14th Street

Well, this is interesting. The House, the famous strip club on Georgia Avenue, will be opening another location on 14th Street in the DCUSA development.

We recently heard that Staples is closing, which leaves a big open space. Now I hear that the House will be opening a satellite branch there, to be called "The Spot." They plan to black out most of the windows, add neon lights to the facade, and open some slits in the windows so adults can see what's happening inside (hint: the City Paper said a few years ago "if you like big butts, head to the House.")

It's unknown if former Councilmember Jim Graham will expand his "Rock Hard Sunday" gay stripper night to the 14th Street location or not.

In the meantime, the folks behind the House have suggested there will be fine dining, music, and camaraderie at the Spot.

It opens next week.


  1. And another organization people trust falls to the temptation to post a lame April Fool's Day joke...

  2. :) look forward to these every year

  3. aaaaaaaaaand it only took three minutes for someone to spoil it.


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