Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Smucker Farms now serving breakfast and lunch, including Bullfrog Bagels

Smucker Farms, the farm store at 14th and W, has just recently started serving breakfast and lunch, including the very popular Bullfrog Bagels, as well as Compass Coffee, egg sandwiches, and side salads and soups to go.

The spot, at 2118 14th Street NW, carries lots of items direct from farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish country, as well as other farms in the area. Here's the full breakfast menu below, including egg frittatas on bagels and lots more. Sounds pretty delicious. Their Instagram said they'll release their lunch menu tomorrow.

Aside from those items, they have a lot of other great groceries -- produce, dairy, drinks, snacks, pasta and a lot more. It's a little more pricey than a regular grocery store, but you're getting fresh, handmade items and high quality stuff.

Photos from their Instagram.

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