Friday, April 1, 2016

New drone alcohol delivery service Dronk coming to the neighborhood

There have been a lot of alcohol delivery services coming to our area lately: Klink, Drizly, Ultra and more all offer to deliver booze and beer to your spot, with a small fee or markup.

But now there's a new one, with a twist: Dronk is a new service that will fly booze to you via a drone, then parachute it into your backyard, roof deck or stoop.

It sounds pretty fun, and they have received a special dispensation from the FAA to be able to fly drones within the city (since it's generally illegal.)

They offer hard liquor and wine, since beer tends to weigh more and has smaller profit margins, I assume.

And they have a special deal for first time users: if you order from Dronk, they will also deliver a free carton of eggs, dropped next to your booze delivery.

Sign me up! 

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