Monday, April 18, 2016

Cool little Ethiopian market at Georgia and Park: Gojo International Market

The other day I was walking down Georgia Avenue and stumbled upon Gojo International Market -- a convenience store with an Ethiopian bent. They have a lot of interesting things, from your usual snacks and drinks to lots of Ethiopian food, coffee, snacks, hookah supplies, incense (including frankincense!) and even cups and coffee pots.

Among other things the nice lady working there pointed out, they have unroasted coffee beans, kolo, a roasted grain snack mix that's very popular in the country, big bags of injera, the spongy Ethiopian bread, and lots of dried grains, lentils and other Ethiopian staples. They also had neat little coffee cups with the flag on them and other cooking and coffee making supplies.

Pretty neat little shop, and with a visit! I was heading somewhere but I'm definitely going to try the kolo next time.

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