Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Tokyo/Shanghai/Ohio hot dog popup at EatsPlace: Haiyo Dog

EatsPlace, the restaurant incubator on Georgia Avenue, has a new pop-up: Haiyo Dog, a Japanese/Chinese hot dog spot. It sounds pretty awesome, there's a lot of options plus deals, like $12 for a shot, beer and hot dog. They also have soups, pierogis and more. Here's more from chef and founder Katy Chang:
It's housemade milk bread buns with local dogs (including veggie dogs) and Asian-inspired toppings. The name comes from a mash up of some of the places I’m inspired by (Shanghai + Tokyo + Ohio). When I was a very young child and heard people say good morning in Japanese, I always thought they were saying "Ohio" and marveled at how the small the world was. I took the coincidence as a sign to start Haiyo Dog.
Here's the full menu. I'm definitely swinging by.

HAIYO DOG at EatsPlace 3607 Georgia Ave NW Washington DC 20010 Petworth Metro
202-882-EATS (3287)   walk-ins welcome   catering available

carrot miso ginger soup (choice of hot or cold)  5  |  cincinattish soup (meat chili w/ cheddar cheese)  6  |  veggie chili  6

Choice of local, amish beef or chicken dog. Or organic veggie dog. Milk bread bun.
#1 avocado and spicy mayo dog  6
#2 pulled pork dog  6
#3 edamame and takoyaki dog  6
#4 seaweed salad dog  6
#5 edamame and avocado dog  6                                   
#6 kimchi and edamame dog  6                
#7 cincin chili dog w/ cheddar cheese  6
#8 shanghai boy  8
#9 dan dan noodle dog  8
# make it a zucchidog (gluten-free; no milk bread bun) +2                                             

tamaributter  4  |  tamaributter and meat chili  5  |  tamaributter and veggie chili  5                              

ROTATO (spiral fries)
tamaributter  4  |  tamaributter and meat chili  5  |  tamaributter and veggie chili  5  

kimchi  3  |  seaweed salad  3  |  dan dan noodles  3  |  edamame  3  |  tamari butter 50¢  |  spicy mayo  50¢


chocolate bread pudding  5  |  sesame buckeye treats  4

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Anonymous said...

How great would a solid hotdog place do in the neighborhood? With all the kids and families? I'm thinking like Haute Dogs in Alexandria.