Thursday, March 3, 2016

Little Coco's, Italian spot from El Chucho folks, now under construction!

 Awesome news for fans of El Chucho or Italian food: Little Coco's at 14th and Randolph is now under construction. They're adding a second story and popped the front out a bit -- looks a lot like its sister restaurant, El Chucho. They're also adding a rear addition, according to their new Facebook page.

I've been excited about this place for a while, but owner Jackie Greenbaum said permit delays with the city had caused their timeline to lengthen -- which of course, is hardly unusual when dealing with city permits.

A few weeks ago, Greenbaum told me the permits were finally done and they were hoping for a few months of construction.

It will have about 70 seats total, including inside and outside. Dishes will include pizza, entrees and homemade pastas with a similar floor plan to El Chucho. The pizzas may include interesting combos like olive-oil poached tuna and artichokes, snails and garlic, and butternut squash with pear and taleggio, a type of Italian cheese.

They'll also have frozen negronis, shaved ice, and affordable Italian beer and wine.

The building is the former Rib Pit Lounge, next door to the Rib Pit, which was replaced by Golden Paradise, a Mexican/Salvadoran/American place.

Here's a few more photos from their Facebook, including a pizza! Looks like potatoes and greens?

(The back addition)

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  1. Awesome. Can't wait. Have you been Golden Paradise? It's shady. And now they are trying to turn into a "night club". What a waste of great retail space.


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