Friday, March 4, 2016

Game changer: Pho 14 now has liquor license, lots of local beer, daily happy hour deals: $5 pho!

Great news for pho fans: Pho 14 on Park Road now has their liquor license, and they're starting having happy hour deals. They also have 24 beers on tap, of which 20 are local brews, and they're highlighting those local beers during their Monday through Wednesday happy hours.

UPDATE: They have daily deals -- and you're the first to hear them!
Mon - Fri
Monday: $2 off DC Brau beer (locally sourced) 
Tuesday: $2 off 3 Stars beer (locally sourced) 
Wednesday: $2 off Atlas Brew Works and Right Proper beer (locally sourced) 
Thursday: 1/2 price beer + $ 1.49 single serve egg/garden roll all night!

Friday: 4-8 pm $7-6-5 beers (for 16oz, 12oz, 10oz) + $5 IPA + $5 cider + $5 selected pho all night!

Everyday 3-7:30pm $1.49 single serve egg/garden roll
They're also stocking a lot of beers from local breweries, including seven kinds of DC Brau, which sounds great.

I'll be excited to check it out.

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