Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Community meeting on old Hebrew Home building on Spring Road on Apr. 9: give your ideas

The city has been talking about the redevelopment of the old Washington Hebrew Home building at 1125 Spring Rd NW for some time -- there were some meetings over the last few years.

Now the process is moving, and the city is hosting a meeting on the building on Saturday, Apr. 9. The meeting is on the "OurRFP", which is the city's request for proposals. It's at 11am at Raymond Rec Center at 10th and Spring. They're going to present about the site and the neighborhood and are asking for your feedback and ideas. You can RSVP here.

Previously, there have been discussions of making the building low income housing, senior housing, or some combination of various types. Opponents of the redevelopment of the Park Morton subsidized housing have suggested using 1125 Spring instead of the Bruce Monroe Park site, but apparently that's not possible as they are different neighborhoods.

In any case, this meeting sounds like a good one to let the city know what you're thinking for that building. To me, living nearby, senior and lower income housing sounds fine. The building has been empty for maybe a decade at least.


  1. This area has plenty of below-market housing. Off the top of my head, there're the large buildings at 14th & Oak, Odgen & Center, Herford & Odgen, the halfway house next door to this building, the homeless shelter on the 1400 block of Spring Rd, other apartments on the 1400 block of Spring Road, the building on the 3500 block of 11th, the building at the corner of 13th & Monroe, the stuff near the corner of 13th & Taylor, various buildings on Randolph between 14th and GA Ave, Newton & GA, Lamont & GA, Quincy & GA, and Kansas between Randolph and Taylor.
    With the city spending so much money on the DC General replacement shelters, I don't see how this doesn't get sold to a developer. I'd like to see a 70/30 market/subsidized split, with seniors given preference for the subsidized units.

  2. Some of those I'm not familiar with -- what's the homeless shelter on Spring Road and the one at 13th and Monroe?


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