Thursday, March 31, 2016

City's Department of Environment looking for citizen scientists: help map local wildlife!

This sounds like a fun way to get into nature and do some fun volunteering: the city's Department of Energy & Environment is looking for volunteer "citizen scientists" to help map our rabbits and chipmunks in the city. You'll be outdoors, maybe exploring some parks or forests near you, and helping our local wildlife!

Here's more info from the city:
Cottontails and Chipmunks! Oh my! We need your help! The Department of Energy & Environment, Fisheries and Wildlife Division is monitoring the population of eastern cottontail rabbits and eastern chipmunks in the District. You can become a Citizen Scientist by recording your rabbit and chipmunk sightings and sharing them with our biologists. Your efforts will play a vital role in helping protect and conserve rabbits and chipmunks in the city. For more information on the program and how to become a volunteer, please contact Lindsay Rohrbaugh at

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