Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bikes everywhere: Our area has some of the highest amounts of bike commuters in the city

This is cool: more than 20% of people in parts of Mt. Pleasant of Petworth ride their bikes to work, with big percentages elsewhere in our area.

The data, compiled by DDOT and reported in Greater Greater Washington and the Post, shows big percentages all around Columbia Heights, Petworth, Mt. Pleasant and surrounding areas, up to 15% in southern Columbia Heights and northern Petworth.

It makes sense -- we're uphill from a lot of central areas in the city with lots of bike lanes -- I prefer the 11th Street one to riding down busy 14th, but many people do.

You can dig more into the data at DDOT -- do you ride your bike to work? I've actually found it was a bit scary at first, but you get used to it. Wear a helmet, however!


  1. I've been biking to work ever since I moved to northern Columbia Heights three years ago. While the 14th St lane is a mess -- almost constantly blocked around DC USA -- the 11th St lanes are my essential route in and out of the neighborhood. Can't imagine biking without them.

  2. Nice information! Now why can't we get a bike store on Georgia Avenue?!?

  3. That would be awesome! Annie's Ace Hardware does have some bike equipment, though.


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