Thursday, March 3, 2016

Apartments with ground floor retail coming to 3700 14th Street, site of Carolina Restaurant

Looks like another corner of 14th and Spring Road is getting redeveloped: developers have purchased the old Carolina Restaurant building on the northwest corner of 14th and Spring  after we heard about the new condo and ground floor retail coming to the southeast corner. The idea is two build a five story building with ground floor retail and four levels of apartments.

On the Spring-Perry listserve, ANC commissioner Michael Halpern posted a bit about the plan. The developers are requesting a parking variance from the city: the building would be required to have a certain number of parking spaces but it may not be possible to fit them, thus the variance request. (This is a similar situation to the southeast corner, I'll write more about that later today.)

Here's what Halpern has to say, in response to the question "Is this the Carolina restaurant?"
Yes. They are going through the permitting process for a building with a ground floor retail level and four floors of apartments. Most of what they want to do they can do by matter of right, but they need to request a parking variance from DCRA, which will consider input from the ANC. This gives us an opportunity to give them feedback on other aspects of the development. 
With regard to parking, my understanding is that because the building will have an address on 14th street, occupants will NOT be eligible for a Residential Parking Permit.  
That feedback process an allow residents to ask for concessions, like improvements to the sidewalk or donations to local charities. The idea is that if someone needs a variance, the ANC can ask for something to offset that, or they can oppose it.

The building has been unoccupied for quite some time, at least a year. Nice to see something going there, though I hope the retail is something nice and useful, not a cell phone store or something lame.


  1. Andrew, 100% agree that something "not lame" for the retail space is needed. You forgot to mention not another 7-11!

    I think there's some good synergy happening with this area: you got the Carolina's proposed development, the proposed development directly across the street, the checks cashed space next to Red Derby being converted, Little Cocos, etc... This is a beautiful stretch of 14th that is very walkable, with wide open sidewalks. Coupled with many new residents coming in, it's a perfect place for "neighborhood goods and services"-type places: coffee shop, bakery, deli, etc...

  2. PS, all the links from your Facebook page are broken

  3. Anon #2, what do you mean broken? I can look into it.

  4. I'm super pumped about this. Carolina's is a vacant eye sore. It's amazing all the activity along this short stretch. It's come a long way and I think could potentially be bigger than Upshur St. Little Coco's is going to be a game changer. Hopefully it'll spur more retail options.


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