Friday, February 26, 2016

Nice sign now up for the Midlands Beer Garden coming to 3333 Georgia, Walls of Books

A friend spotted a nice new sign for the shopping center where The Midlands and Walls of Books are. The Midlands is the new beer garden coming to 3333 Georgia from the Kangaroo Boxing Club folks this spring, while Walls of Books is already open.

It's a pretty great looking sign, and I like how it's more branding for the Park View neighborhood, which is getting to be more well known. A few years ago if you mentioned Park View, people would mostly say "where?"

And there's a blank space at the bottom, which is hopeful to me. There's a lot of empty spaces in that shopping center.

Here's the site from Google Streetview. Midlands will be taking the leftmost space and Walls of Books is in the corner. The Post Office is on the far right.

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