Monday, February 22, 2016

More on Jamaican restaurant coming to 14th & Meridian: opening early March, will serve brunch

Looks like the new Jamaican restaurant coming to the old Getaway space at 14th and Meridian is almost ready to open. A reader sends in that she spoke with workers there and they're planning to open the first week of March. They're going to use both floors, like the Getaway (and Social before them) and they have a nice bar on the ground floor.

The other neat thing is that they'll serve brunch. I'll be interested to check that out. Jamaican food is pretty delicious, but I've never had Jamaican brunch.

They also said they're not connected with Sweet Mango, the recently closed Jamaican spot at Georgia and New Hampshire.

This space (the ground and first floors) was the Getaway, a 60s-70s car chase themed restaurant and bar which was pretty solid but closed after a few years. Before that, it was Social, which was kind of odd and didn't last long.

I wish these folks better luck! I'll definitely be excited to try it.

(Below is a photo from a few months ago while still under construction.)

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  1. Im a little skeptical of this place. Happy to see a restaurant coming into this vacant space, but doesnt seem legit. Hard to tell much from the interview...


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