Thursday, February 4, 2016

Beer garden and restaurant coming to Georgia Avenue from Kangaroo Boxing Club folks!


Whoa!! The folks behind Kangaroo Boxing Club on 11th Street are opening a beer garden in Park View, at 3333 Georgia Avenue NW! This is the same shopping center as the US Post Office and the new Walls of Books used bookstore.

Eater reports they'll have a restaurant and outdoor beer garden, so I assume they'll be inside the shopping center and then in the parking lot.

The spot is going to be called the Midlands, and from their website they say they'll have 15-30 beers and "totally not pretentious" sandwiches.
Patrons will have draft selections of greater than 15 and less than 30 taps, wine of the fermented grape variety, featuring red, white and pink. The menu will feature hand-crafted, gourmet, chef-driven, small-batch sandwiches from the future, that are totally not pretentious.
Here's the space now: it's the second from the left, next to Beau Nails, which I believe is closed.

Eater says they're aiming for spring. Awesome. What with Alfie's just opening down the street and Walls of Books a couple of weeks ago, Georgia really seems to be heating up.

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