Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Alfie's, new Thai pop-up from Food Network's Alex McCoy, opens today in Mothership space


Great news! Alex McCoy, who was a finalist on Food Network Star, will open Alfie's today in the old Mothership space at 3301 Georgia Avenue NW.  McCoy was previously chef at Duke's Grocery.

The place is technically a pop-up for roughly nine months, but McCoy tells Washingtonian that he may stay in Park View if it's going really well. Otherwise, they plan to move to 845 Upshur Street NW, which was their original plan. That space, formerly China American Inn, required more work than they anticipated.

The Washingtonian and Petworth News report the menu sounds pretty diverse (and delicious) with various curries from different regions, laab salads (Thip Khao has something similar) plus an Aussie burger, referencing the many Australian expats in the country. They'll also have fermented Issan sausage, which is from northern Thailand. Other dishes include goat stew, khao soi beef rib in curry noodles, and Thai grilled chicken, plus rotating seasonal dishes, vegetarian items and snacks like fried grasshoppers, durian chips, and cashews stuffed with peppers.

From the descriptions, it sounds pretty spicy, but thankfully there will be lots of beer and cocktails to help cut the spice. They'll have Asian beers and regionally-inspired cocktails, like one with herbs, coconut milk and Mekhong whiskey, and a Tiger beer shandy with house made ginger, cardamon, lemon grass, cilantro root and lemon juice simple syrup. Yowsers.

From the Washingtonian and Petworth News articles, the space looks pretty much like it did in the Mothership days, with some nice touches.

It sounds pretty great. I hope to go soon.

They're open Tuesday-Saturday, 5-10 pm, and there are 39 seats. They also take reservations.

Photos from their Instagram

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