Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Whoa! Walls of Books used bookstore opens tomorrow at 3325 Georgia Ave

Holy smokes! A used bookstore is coming to our neighborhood: Walls of Books, opening at 3225 3325 Georgia Ave NW tomorrow, according to their Facebook.

The Post reports that the store is part of a small chain that started in Georgia, with 8 other franchise locations, including New Orleans. The Post's article is about the regrowth of used book stores in general, which is pretty interesting. I'm a fan of them, for one. I often stop at a huge one called McKay's when I visit relatives in Tennessee.

This Walls of Books is owned by Pablo Sierra, a Navy veteran and former government contracting worker, and their website says they'll take trade-ins for store credit, as well as selling toys and educational products by a company called Melissa & Doug.

The store's Facebook page says they'll have 30,000 books, and it looks like a big space inside. This is the former location of Planet Chocolate City at the corner of Georgia and Lamont, which was pretty small, so maybe they took over other stores nearby. inside the little strip mall next to the Post office just south of Lamont Street. I'm definitely going to pay them a visit soon.


  1. It's not in Planet Chocolate City, it's in the old laundromat in the strip mall next to the Post Office. The strip mall was empty and due to be redeveloped into a large apartment building, but it was purchased by Zuckerman, and they apparently aren't moving forward with the redevelopment any time soon. The former carry out next to this place also has something coming in.

    Planet Chocolate City and iHipHop next door have a raze permit filed. The owner wants to tear those down and build a smallish condo building.

  2. Thanks, that makes more sense. It's the same address as the old Planet Chocolate City.

  3. The correct address is 3325 Georgia, not 3225. Important one block difference! It's a great store too!

  4. Thanks. I swore it said 3225 first!


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