Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What is our neighborhood missing?

One of the common topics of this blog in the past has been "What We're Missing," where I write about things we could use more of.

However, lately we've actually been getting a lot of those things: bookstores like Upshur Street Books and Walls of Books (plus the Barnes and Noble at Howard), movie theaters like the new Atlantic Plumbing Cinema near the 9:30 Club and the still coming Suns Cinema on Mt. Pleasant Street, and so on. There's also diners and sports bars: things that people asked for in the past.

So what are we still missing? I'd like to see more retail shopping, especially on Georgia and 14th Street -- I feel like Georgia could be a great spot for some interesting retail like Hampden in Baltimore or to some extent, U Street. Upshur Street has a little bit, but we could

I'd also like to have more coffee shops -- the ones around our area are often packed at peak times, especially Qualia, Tynan and Colony Club. (Coffy Cafe is a good alternative.) I feel like someone could make a killing opening a coffee shop somewhere around 14th and Spring, and maybe somewhere on 14th between Florida and Columbia.

One of the things I wrote about in the past was more child care: there aren't too many options and there are lots of new parents in the neighborhood.

But other than that, I don't have any good ideas. How about you? What are we missing? I made this survey and will do a post with some of the most interesting answers. And let us know in the comments too!

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  1. In re: coffee shops: there are about to be an inundation of them on Georgia. Harrar and Heat da Spot (both IMO better than Colony Club, unless you just want to be a hipster surrounded by other hipsters) are on Georgia & Howard and Georgia & Keefer, respectively. Additionally (you heard it on New Columbia Heights first) there's soon to be yet another coffee shop on the corner of Georgia and Irving, adjacent from Bruce Monroe Park (i.e. on that side of Georgia). Coffy Cafe is WAAAYYYY underrated; I've only been there a couple of times but it is fantastic. So if you need to get your caffeine fix, and forgot your fedora at home, those are some great options.

  2. Good points. I've been meaning to write about Heat da Spot. I wrote about the Georgia and Irving one a while ago, but I think there still needs to be one around 14th and Spring,

  3. How about a good, simple gym. Not expensive crossfit or WSC, which I used to belong to but didn't like. I'm thinking something like Fitness First or Planet Fitness. Not them, per se, but someone wit that model: basic clean gym with reasonable rates.

  4. +1 for gym!

    A bicycle shop would be nice to have too!

  5. Upper 14th St is in the most need of attention. We need a "destination" type restaurant to help spur other development. I'd love to see something like the Red Hen or Mintwood Place open. Also, a cafe with a quality bakery is desperately needed in this area. Hopefully, other things will start to filter in such as a deli (Jewish or Italian), Ramen, BBQ, Also, a Greek spot like Big Greek Cafe or Byblos.

  6. +1 for bakery, deli, and greek spot. Would love to have any of those on Georgia as well.

  7. All the coffee shops listed about (Harrar, Heat da Spot) are not alternatives to 14th and Spring. You have Coupe about half the distance to where those other locations are. The point is, there "should/could/wish there was" one on "upper 14th" near Spring Rd.
    And when did "hipster" become a derogatory term? "Unless you want to be a hipster surrounded by other hipsters."

  8. woah woah woah woah woah hold on there: Suns Cinema is now open?! I backed the kickstarter and haven't heard anything yet...can you go into more detail about this?

  9. Anon, you're right: their website has showtimes so I assumed it was, but it must just be placeholders. Updating now.

  10. We need more barber shops, braiding salons, corner stores that sell crap and places for folks with nothing better to do that stand around, talk shit and loiter.


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