Monday, January 25, 2016

Tuesday transit update: Metro back open, Circulator running on 14th Street route, buses on severe snow service

If you're back to work, travel will be a little easier today, but not perfect. The Circulator has started running three routes again, including the McPherson Square-Adams Morgan route which goes up 14th Street.

Metro is running to all stations except the Orange line between Vienna and Ballston, but with 12 minutes between trains on each line -- which  means stations that have multiple lines, like Columbia Heights and Georgia Ave., will have a bit more.

As for Metrobus, they're still on what they call severe snow service: many routes aren't running at all, while some have detours.

The 52, 53 and 54 run their normal route until Missouri Avenue, when they detour over to Georgia Avenue, and also have a different route downtown, using Independence Ave.

The 70 bus is running as normal, the 74 isn't running at all, and the 79 won't be an express bus, it will serve all local stops.

On 16th, the S1 and S9 aren't running, while the S2 is following the S4 route, which is weird. The S4 is running as normal.

None of the H routes are running, nor are the 42 or 43 or the 60, 62, 63 or 64.

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