Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Plowing update: some streets between 13th and 14th done, many in Park View, between 14th & 16th not; sidewalks by some parks also not shoveled

Well, to their credit, the city plowed many of the small residential streets between 13th and 14th from Spring to Park. Myself and others tweeted up a storm about it to the mayor, DC 311 and others, and the mayor responded and said she was on it, but I'm not sure if that helped or not. Fingers crossed. However, many streets from 14th to 16th are still unplowed according to Tom Lee's plowing map, as well as some of those residential streets in Park View: Quebec, Otis, Lamont,  Keefer and 9th. They also got some of the southern Columbia Heights streets, but the 1400 blocks of Chapin and Fairmont still appear to be unplowed.

I also noticed that sidewalks adjacent to some city owned land hasn't been shoveled -- notably the triangle park at 14th/Otis/Ogden and around the Trolley Turnaround Park at 11th and Monroe. The 11th and Park dog park, which is owned by Metro, also hasn't had its sidewalks shoveled, and they were pretty bad. Metro responded to my tweet about it saying they'd forward it to their bus team, but I haven't heard back around Trolley Turnaround Park.

Thankfully it's sunny, so nature may do some of the job, but still, it's been 4 days. And my shovel is broken.

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  1. This morning a guy in a plow truck came down Ogden and stopped to take a gander at completely untouched Oak St, just after I'd helped a hapless student driver rescue his 2-wheel drive sedan from the river of snow there. (There have been easily a dozen cars a day getting stuck on that street since the snow first fell.) I waved him down, told him how glad I was to see him since the street so obviously needed to be plowed. He gave me a quizzical look, turned the vehicle around, and then just hung out on the corner of Ogden and Oak for several minutes while I went inside. When I looked back out the window, he was gone. As of this evening the street still has not been touched by plows.

    By the way, the map is wrong in at least one place. The alleyway between Oak and Meridian off of 14th has not been driven on, much less plowed.


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