Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Driving is tough out there: avoid residential roads (and Newton especially)

While some of the streets in our area are plowed, some are not. A reader just sent these pictures of Newton Street NW between 14th and 16th, which appears to have been virtually untouched. Cars have dug their own tracks and that's about it and lots are getting stuck. Here's more of what the reader has to say.
I've seen dozens of cars get stuck in the snow over the past several days. They are spinning out their tires and creating clouds of smoke. I'm really worried that a car might catch fire or someone will get hurt as they slid between parked cars, trying to gain traction. 
Here are photos of an at least 8 car jam I just took. 
Big kudos to the people who have helped these drivers out by pushing or shoveling, but it's just a street that isn't ready yet for traffic for most cars. Many cars have ended up backing upto get out of the pile up, which is also pretty dangerous since 14th
St is a busy thoroughfare.
Thanks if you can get the word out.
Many of our small residential streets are the same way -- so if you have to drive, try to stick to bigger streets, which is what the plows focus on first.

The city has a snow map showing where plows have been, and you can report streets that need to be plowed by calling 311 or using the 311 website.

Any other streets out there that are in bad shape? 


  1. Beware of Morton St also - can't drive on - plow tried to go throught his am but even the plow couldn't make it.

  2. Just reporting that 5 hours later, Newton street has still not been plowed. As I type this, there is yet another car stuck mid-block, causing yet another 5-car jam. I'm a patient guy, but the fact that no side streets in Columbia Heights have been plowed almost 3 days after the snow stopped is pathetic!


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