Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Best Buy at DCUSA has some pretty solid deals for clearance and "open box" items

The other day I was at Best Buy in DCUSA and noticed a board near the door for clearance and "open box" items -- those are things that were returned after purchase, so they're for sale for less than their normal price. The board was totally full of things: laptops, tablets, TVs, phones and a lot more, some for almost $400 less than their regular retail price.

The signs are a little confusing, it shows the regular price in big text and then the discounted price in a little yellow box, and you have to scout it out each time you go as there will always be different things, but you can snag some pretty good deals.

They also sell some online, as well as refurbished items -- things that broke and they fixed, for example.

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