Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bar and restaurant coming to old Getaway and Social space at 14th & Meridian

Looks like there might be a new tenant coming to the old Getaway and Social space at 14th and Meridian -- today I saw some workers there moving materials in, and they said it was going to be a bar and restaurant.

Over the past few weeks I've seen construction inside but I assumed it was related to the new architects' office on the top floor that replaced The Dunes: there haven't been any permits or anything in the windows, but there was a commercial inspection on Dec. 15, 2015. And now I know something's up! I didn't get any more information from them, but I'll be looking into it. The basement space has new red railings and what looks like an updated interior.

If you recall, the basement and first floor had previously been The Getaway, a Steve McQueen-70s car chase themed bar and restaurant that was pretty good, but closed after about two and a half years in business. Before that it was Social, another bar and restaurant with a weird vibe that closed, possibly related to some feud between restauranteurs. That one didn't last very long, and the Getaway folks improved the interior a lot, giving it a better feeling.

I hope the space isn't cursed or the rent isn't super high, as the Getaway seemed to do OK business. The first floor area is still a little odd though: it has really high ceilings and seemed more like some kind of lodge or lounge.

When I find out more about the new bar and restaurant, you'll hear about it.


  1. Popville reported that one of the workers said this new place is from the same owners as Tucker's in Upper Marlboro, which suspiciously burnt to the ground in early 2015. If this is true, GOD HELP US. The place was known for blatant drug dealing and all sorts of behavior which Columbia Heights needs much less of. If you think that corner is bad now with all its "shadyness" wait until this place opens. Ohhh Lawdy.

  2. If the above is the case, someone should alert Brianne Nadeau and the ANC immediately. With all of the crime in Columbia Heights, it'd frankly not be surprising if a shady owner targeted this neighborhood for doing business. This strip has so much potential yet there is no economic development plan by the city or elected officials.


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