Monday, January 25, 2016

Bad neighbors: businesses that didn't shovel their sidewalks

The snow was fun, and now we are cleaning up. The law (and your civic duty) requires the property owner to keep the sidewalks and handicap access ramps clear starting at 8 hours after the snow ends -- including sidewalks fronting the property, even if you don't actually own the sidewalk. Tenants are usually required to as well.

But even if you're not required by law or your lease, you should shovel the sidewalk. It's difficult and dangerous to walk on packed snow, slush and ice. Not shoveling, especially if you're a business on a major street, is a dick thing to do. So thank you to everyone who did shovel.

You can report scofflaws to

And here are the places that hadn't shoveled as of 3 pm yesterday -- well after the snow was done. Any I missed?

CentroNia, 3400A 14th Street NW
Sprint Store, 3018 14th Street NW
Smile Center Dental, 2900 14th Street NW
DC Housing Authority, Columbia Road between 14th and 13th. They used a snowblower to clear internal pathways, but not the sidewalks on Columbia or 14th.
Greater Washington Urban League, 2901 14th Street NW
BP, 2600 14th Street NW. They shoveled the road, not the sidewalk.
Sherwin-Williams, 2511 14th Street NW
Sunoco, 2830 Sherman Avenue NWNehemiah Cooperative Estates, 2400 block of 14th Street NW



  1. Worth noting that the few gas stations I saw yesterday, Sherman & 11th and 14th & Euclid, shoveled their entrance ramps but not their sidewalks. Pretty clear where their priorities are.

  2. Thanks, that's a good point. I'll add them.

  3. Haven't been back that way today, but the Dance Institute on 14th Street had only shoveled a small path to their door from the corner, and nothing along the front or side of the building.

  4. T-Mobile on 14th and Kenyon, didn't shovel the side of the building. And I don't know whose responsibility it is, but all of Tivoli Square is still covered with snow. The path in front of the stores is clear but it's very difficult to cross toward 14th street on The Heights' side.

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  6. CC's Liquor Store on 14th and Monroe


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