Monday, January 4, 2016

7-Elevens now open at 14th and Florida, 14th and Spring

Well, now you won't have to walk more than 5 blocks to get to a 7-Eleven. The new locations at 14th and Florida and 14th and Quincy, just north of Spring, are open. (14th and Quincy is pictured above.)

Of course, those are in addition to the 7-Eleven at 14th and Columbia, the one on Mt. Pleasant Street, the one on Columbia Road, the one at 11th and U, and the one at Georgia and Shepherd, plus a couple others a bit farther afield. I mapped them out recently, there are eight 7-Elevens plus five CVS locations less than a mile from the new ones.

I've been complaining about this for a while -- I think we have plenty of 7-Elevens already, and really could use some other kinds of businesses that don't duplicate what we already have. Others have complained about loitering -- the Mt. Pleasant location is the hub for day laborers and I've heard that many people, women especially, get harassed outside the 14th and Columbia one. Outside the new 14th and Quincy location I once saw eight people hanging out, but another time I saw nobody, so they might have just been random.

In any case, they're here now. Not much we can do about it if you don't like it, aside from not shop there.


  1. Who is the ANC Rep for this area? How could he or she let a 7-11 come in without any community partnership? I drive by and it's already a "hangout"... Trash everywhere. Ugh.

  2. It's Zach Teutsch:

  3. Hi, aforementioned Zach Teutsch here.

    I spoke with the developer about this not long after being sworn in as an ANC member since I too thought we had plenty of convenience stores (and more interesting ones!) already. He said that he had to sign a lease with a major national corporation to get the next phase of construction financing and didn't have much choice. Once the lease was signed, which was well before I was the ANC rep, he especially didn't have much choice.

    If anyone is interested in helping with business development along the 14th street corridor between Spring and Shepherd St NW, contact me at

  4. Trash from this place is already littering Spring Road to at least 11th St.

  5. I really fail to understand the animostiy directed toward 7-11 and other chain stores. Well, I do understand some of it; folks have a romantized notion that all stores should be small mom and pop operations. Well, sadly in this modern day, that just isn't how business is conducted. We do have the Black Lion on 14th and Oak; there are other independent stores along the street if you prefer to shop at them, but many of them attract the same level of vagrancy and trash. Given that 7-11's are a franchise operation, they provide a way for many immigrants to find a way into success in America. However, the ownership/management often does not reflect the white faces that many of those new home onwers in the area are hoping to see in their newly gentrified neighborhoods.

    Also, anyone who thinks that an ANC Commissioner has an ounce of influence in the leasing decisions being made by building owners is sadly mistaken about the role that ANC's. I appreciate that Mr. Teutsch is addressing the issue; we need to see a more vibrant redevelopment all along 14th Street from North of Park Road. But there is just so much any ANC can do about this.

  6. The ANC does have that ability though -- they can reach agreements with businesses that require certain things in exchange for longer hours or other benefits to the businesses, or they oppose permits and things.


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