Tuesday, December 15, 2015

This house on Parkwood Place is doing Christmas lights right

The other day I complained about a lack of holiday decorations around our neighborhood -- I've seen few lights, decorations, displays and such. But then I walked down 14th Street and spotted and heard something -- a house a few doors down on Parkwood that has a big light display, complete with electronic Christmas music. (Unfortunately it's hard to hear in the video because there was a garbage truck idling nearby, but it's pretty great.)

There's a snowman, Santa, candy canes, trees, a light-up manger, and all manner of things, all over the house, their yard, and their porch. Nicely done. And some neighbors are getting in the act too, with two houses on the other side of the street adding some decorations as well.

Nice to see this little group of neighbors making the holidays fun. Have you seen any other houses getting into the act with big holiday displays? And you can do it yourself! The basic white lights are pretty inexpensive at CVS, and Target has a big selection of lights, wreaths and decorations.

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