Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Old Cove, the Dunes space now Studio Crowley Hall architects

There's been some work in the old Cove and The Dunes space at 1402 Meridian Place NW for the last few weeks, but I could never figure out what it was. And now I know: I spotted a sign on the door for Studio Crowley Hall, an architecture firm.

The things near windows of the space, which was formerly The Dunes art space and then Cove, a coworking space, definitely look like an office: desks, coffee mugs and so on. It's good the space is being utilized, though I think something like the Dunes would have been more fun. I never managed to go, but I heard it was a cool spot -- lots of music, DJ nights and art openings were hosted here. Cove moved to the Tivoli Building on 14th Street.

Studio Crowley Hall is on the top floor, where the Dunes and Cove also where rest of the building was formerly restaurants: first Social, then the Getaway, both with a basement bar/lounge area and a restaurant area on the main floor. Social was pretty weird, it seemed like they couldn't figure out what they were going for, while I liked the Getaway, which was a Steve McQueen/car/motorcycle themed place. They had good food. Sadly both closed, and the rest of the building has been vacant since.

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