Monday, December 14, 2015

Italian restaurant with pizza coming to 14th and Spring: that area is blowing up

Looks like the 14th and Spring area is getting another restaurant: a reader saw some construction workers at the old Spring Garden takeout Chinese place at 3618 14th and asked what was going on: they said it was an Italian/pizza place and they hope to open soon.

Sounds good, I'm certainly in favor of more pizza. It's not a big space, so I'm not sure if it will be a sit-down or take out (I hope sit down) but we'll see.

I also can't find any permits online for the place, which is odd.

There seems to be a little restaurant area forming at 14th and Spring, to go along with the Red Derby, Lyman's, Taqueria Habanero and the Airedale, plus the yet-to-open Washington Heights, an American and French place coming next to the Derby and Little Coco, the Italian spot from the El Chucho folks up at 14th and Randolph. Sadly I don't know much about Washington Heights and Little Coco has missed their goal of opening this Fall.

As for the others, Lyman's and the Derby are great neighborhood bars and the Airedale and Habanero are fantastic -- the Airedale is really good German, Belgian, French and British pub food (plus rye whiskey soft-serve) and Habanero is delicious traditional Mexican food.

There are also a number of smaller new condo buildings right around that intersection, plus, sadly, another new 7-Eleven.


  1. A solid pizza place in this area would be great. I just hope it isn't a half-Pakistani, half-Pizza, half-Chinese food joint. Yep, three halves

  2. Here's hoping that this area turns into more of a destination. There is still a ton of vacant real estate in those few blocks.

  3. The area needs one upscale restaurant to open before it'll take the next step...

  4. Great, another pizza place. How about Korean or Szechuan or Cuban or ramen?

  5. Don't forget El Sol restaurant up from Randolph. Great food (tacos nearly as good as Habanero, but more extensive menu).


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